Intelligence analysis & consulting

At Global Intelligence we collect, evaluate and interpret large amount of information, extracting conclusions that, as a product, allows our clients to make the most correct and effective decisions.


Our clients have privileged information for optimal decision making. Recognize how your business will affect future scenarios in short, medium and large term, as well as the possibilities derived from your business decisions and their development, for competitive advantage.


Global Intelligence is not a security company, so that is why our studies seek to reduce the annual costs of our customers in terms of security and prioritizing maximum effectiveness at the lowest cost. We also develop preventive and reactive safety plans for industries and critical structures.

Private investigation

Our staff has expert skills in HUMINT (Human Intelligence) surveillance tactics, counter-surveillance, as well as in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).
This high training translates into high quality and professionalism of our services.
At Global Intelligence we have extensive tactical and technological resources for the development of our clients needs, solving extensive issues and remaining at the forefront of private investigaction.


At Global Intelligence we count with the most advanced equipment and devices, as well as the best qualified team to offer our clients a high quality service, with effectiveness and efficiency.


We guarantee security, integrity and secure image of our clients companier. For this reason the counter-surveillance aims to detecting possible surveillance and knowing by whom.


After a careful prime analysis, obtained through HUMINT, our special infiltration protocols, always under strictest confidentiality, we obtain all kind of graphic, testimonial and documentary evidence in a concealed manner.


At Global Intelligence we anticipate possible risk and threats, avoiding the false steps whith negative impact for pur cluents business, as well as anticipating situations regarding corporate fraud, as wel as other aspects.


Our Mystery Shopper technique allows us to identify the potentialities and shortcomings of both your business and your competition, without anyone knowing that you have been evaluating.

Special technological services


We protect our clients biggest asset: their information. All kinds of sensitive data that make your business vulnerable. We also evaluate the existing risks in each location, generating secure lines of communication, from point to point, with ad hoc facilities according to our customers needs.


Among others, Global Intelligence offers electronic scanning as an effective countermeasure for shielding confidential meetings for example.
Likewise, we offer forensic services on all type of servers and, in any case, filling in the relevant chain of custody.