We are a private Intelligence Service

Intelligence Analysis - Private Investigation – Security Consulting – Cyberintelligence

In the present world, where globalization and internationalization make up the great power of our enterprises, the flow of information, goods and services has become the norm, making intelligence analysis the cornerstone for correct decision-making.

At Global Intelligence, we are at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art intelligence products for multiple sectors: Intelligence Analysis, Private Investigation, Cyberintelligence and Training, before the most complex scenarios and under strict confidentiality.

Our team is duly qualified by the Spanish Interior Ministry, accrediting the legitimacy in the performance of our duties, exercising both in the national territory and abroad.

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15 October, 2019

¿Qué tipos de formas de obtención de información se llevan a cabo actualmente?

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23 July, 2019

Global Intelligence como proveedor de Inteligencia del Clúster de la Industria de Defensa en España

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14 July, 2019

Primer Clúster de la Industria de Defensa en España

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Featured Services

We use the most advanced human, tactical, technological and computer sources.
Of course absolute professional secrecy is our promise, guaranteeing the confidentiality of our clients orders.


Our ad hoc reports form the cornerstone for the correct strategic decision making, turning its use in a competitive advantage for our clients companies.


We carry out the reputational and competency assessment, as well as intentionality of our clients potential new partners, customers, suppliers, entities and managers.


Control your partners and employees in favor of legitimate transactions, in accordance with internal regulations and the current legal framework. Increasing your performance and ensuring the continuity of our clients business.


Global Intelligence employs Private Detectives with high maneuverability and without identifiable patterns/profiles. Through our 24/7 operational teams, we make it possible to obtain information regardless the specific conditions and issue a report with valid judicial evidence.


A secret evaluation of our clientes staff, products and facilities, as well as their competitors. On our reports we reflect the issues about quality and services, protecting our clients own quality and reputational value.


Our special security system aims to ensure the integrity of our clients enterprises, detecting and avoiding possible surveillance, according to the Law of Private Security 5/2014.


We protect the greatest good: your information. Communications, partners, documents, operations, clients, accounts, suppliers ... sensitive data that make your business vulnerable. Using the most powerful encryption algorithms, your data will be inaccessible, impenetrable and indecipherable.


Previous risks evaluation; we generate secure communication patterns of secure communication point to point, according to the needs of our client. We include personalized counseling.


Effective countermeasure for shielding confidential meetings. It consists in the systematic search of active espionage elements, listening systems, communication intervention systems and information capture by any channel.